‘The author has especially telling insights into how advertising and marketing attempts to sway us from one product towards another, near identical one. Read this before you shell out for a new, ever-so slightly shinier mobile phone or pay a premium for anything that goes out of its way to convince you how ‘ethical’ it is.’ – Time Out, Book of the Week.

‘Combines detailed research with entertaining anecdotes. Optimistic and uplifting, Everything Now quietly, but firmly, invites you to take a fresh look around yourself.’ – 4/5 – The Sun

‘Explains why we are better fed, educated entertained and longer-lived than ever before, but not happier.’ – The Sunday Times

‘This book is about the glut of stuff in our lives and how we’re sold it, as well as why it’s not making us any happier. McKevitt – a marketing expert and (on the evidence of this, anyway) contrarian – writes with wit and wisdom, mixing personal anecdotes from his family and workplace with in-depth research. It all ticks along quite nicely, with McKevitt pulling back the curtain and showing us why everything from music to football (English) to education, journalism and job-hunting has been mortally wounded by the perpetual-motion machine of what he terms the ‘Everything Now’ culture – until, by the end, you come away a more enlightened (and hopefully slightly less credulous) consumer. Though focused almost exclusively on British culture, the points he makes are just as salient in the US, or any other advanced consumer culture, for that matter. Recommended.’ Simon Cox

‘Steve McKevitt explains why having everything we want has fed our appetite for destruction.’ – Yorkshire Post

‘A clear-eyed and very readable dissection of the bind we find ourselves in today.’ – The Crack

‘In 21st century Britain, we are healthier, better fed, educated and entertained – yet there is a nagging suspicion we are more discontent than ever. – The Selby Times

 ‘If you’ve found yourself questioning why we have, need or want so much stuff, Steve McKevitt’s Everything Now gives us many credible, well-researched reasons as to why.’ – Dig Review

‘An opinion that is proving popular’  – Goole Courier

 ‘It has tapped into a growing vein that something somehow is not quite as it should be.’ –Sheffield Star

‘McKevitt’s brilliant and persuasive book highlights the gaping void in Western society, ironically created by its own success. All our needs are now met, leaving us to focus on our ever-changing, and ultimately unsatisfying, wants.’ – David Bolchover – Author of The 90 Minute Manager

‘If stuff made us happy, we’d be the happiest people in history. Everything Now explains why we’re not.’ – David Hepworth, Word

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